Six hilariously useful travel websites and apps

The best travel advice you never knew you needed. You’re welcome.

  1. Can I Bring My Selfie Stick?

A favourite of Kimmy K et al. (probably). Search for an attraction by name, country or type to find out whether you can pack your selfie stick to break the Internet with a selfie to rival all others. Don’t forget your duck face.

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2. Foodspotting

Hands up if your daily itinerary in a new country is dictated by the next meal?

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Thought so. Whether you’re craving sush in Sydney or all-chocolate errythang in Rio de Janeiro, just type in what you’re in the mood for and a list of recommended restaurants will pop up. Of course, food isn’t really food if it isn’t Instagrammed, so you can snap your #foodporn and then load it to the site with a recommendation to help the greater good. Cravings meet community service. Go you.

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3. Sleepy Traveller

Another useful one if you get a serious case of the nods every time you sit in a train/bus seat. Download this iOS app and enter in your destination. Your phone’s in-built GPS will do the rest for you, setting an alarm to ring just before you arrive at your pre-programmed stop. PSA: this app won’t stop you drooling on your neighbour’s shoulder.

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4. Sit or Squat?

Avoid awkward bathroom sitches forever thanks to this app, available for both iOS and Android phones. Consider this app like a Trip Advisor solely for public bathrooms – find the cleanest ones in town and contribute your own reviews.

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5. + 6. Nerdy Day Trips and Atlas Obscura

If you live for the quirky experiences that come with travel (without coming across as a total ass), these sites are must-visits. On Nerdy Day Trips, you can scour the map for off-beat landmarks, weird and wonderful museums, and more.

Don’t know what you’re going to do with your time, but want it to be awesome? That’s where Atlas Obscura comes in. You can search for the type of landmark you want to visit (‘ruins’, ‘museum’, etc.) and you’ll get a list of rad recommendations in a couple of clicks.

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